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The year 2017 at a glance

During 2009, a total of 48 different modes of transport were provided thanks to donations received throughout the year.  This total is comprised of the following mix:

  • 16 ambulance/community health outreach vehicles
  • 15 motorbikes/mopeds
  • 235 bicycles
  • 1 boat with outboard motor
  • 1 autorickshaw

Distribution by Country

A total of 40 grants were transferred to Diocesan accounts for in-country purchase of the above vehicles in the following countries:

Ambulance/community health outreach vehicles 9 to India, 2 to Cameroon, 1 to Ghana,
1 to Nigeria, 1 to Rwanda, 1 to Uganda and 1 to  Zambia.
Motorbikes/mopeds/scooters8 to India, 4 to Uganda, 2 to Tanzania,  and 1 to Rwanda.
Bicycles175 to Uganda, 40 to Tanzania and 20 to Zambia.
Autorickshaws1 to India
Boats with outboard motors1 to Madagascar
Total Cost £395,730*
 * This amount, however, does not allow for exchange rate fluctuations throughout the year, nor bank charges levied for making the transfers. Audited figures can be found in our Trustees' Annual Report & Accounts for 2017, which will be available soon.

A booklet entitled 'Vehicle Grants 2016' giving details of all grants made in 2016, with a brief summary of the work being carried out by the beneficiaries of the transport grants, is available to download here. The Vehicle Grants 2017 booklet will be available soon.

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