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Grant Guidelines

General Points

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Our main objective

SURVIVE-MIVA's fundamental aim is to provide mobility for outreach programmes which have been planned in collaboration and consultation with local communities in response to their needs and priorities. Such work must be aimed at bringing about advances in the human and spiritual development of the people our beneficiaries live among and serve.

Contacting SURVIVE-MIVA about funding – the process

Please make an initial request in writing (via e-mail or in the post) explaining the work you are involved in. We can only consider requests for funding that come from the people ‘on the ground’ i.e. those who have an intimate knowledge of the work being carried out for which transport is required. Please state the type of vehicle / mode of transport you wish to purchase, why you need transport (the type of work you are involved in, the difficulties you are facing getting around e.g. by public transport, and the distances you have to travel to carry out your work). We will make no assumptions - it is your responsibility to tell us about your aims and objectives as precisely and concisely as you can. We can process requests for funding in the following languages only: Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, French, and English. Do not worry if English is not your mother tongue. If you contact us about a possible application for funding, your task is to communicate your need for mobility, telling us your aims and objectives which cannot be satisfactorily met due to lack of transport.
Please note that due to financial constraints, we are unable to consider applications from schools, seminaries, houses of religious formation, for Diocesan officials, or for agricultural or specialised construction vehicles.

Allocations Committee

Applications for funding are assessed by our Allocations Committee, which consists of four people, two men, and two women. They are all missionaries now based in the UK, who are familiar with the problems faced by applicants, as they themselves have shared them, in Latin America, in India, and in Africa. Successful applicants make clear to the Committee what it is they can start, consolidate, and build up during a particular period of time. You should make your aims and objectives: realistic, specific, measurable, and attainable within the life of the vehicle. Though an application may be made via an individual, any grant made represents our support of a wider project involving more than one beneficiary. Vehicles funded by our Association are the property of the parish, clinic, or centre where they are based.

In the long-term

We recognise that long-term sustainability and self-sufficiency will not come about overnight, and that by its very nature, no vehicle we fund will last forever. However, because all grants we make are for new vehicles, beneficiaries can reasonably expect a trouble-free lifespan of at least 3-5 years - in many cases much longer.

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