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(Missionary Vehicle Association)

Our Mission

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Our Values

  • We value the work and views of our sisters and brothers in the developing world, hearing in them the voice of the marginalised.
  • Rejecting dependency, we seek to strengthen grassroots initiatives which focus on locally identified needs and priorities so that access to healthcare and pastoral support can be brought about by sustainable means.
  • We will be honest stewards of all resources entrusted to us through the solidarity and conviction of others.
  • We will be openly accountable to others, and systematic in the evaluation of our impact and effectiveness.
  • We will act with the responsibility our relations with beneficiaries demands so that, in spite of the obstacles, the opportunity for them to bring about change will be fostered by the mobility our Association provides.

What we do

SURVIVE-MIVA is a (Roman) Catholic lay Association and UK Registered Charity, founded in Liverpool, UK in 1974. We exist to provide one vital element for successful healthcare and pastoral work that is being carried out by the Church in areas of great need in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The funds we receive (voluntary donations from our generous supporters) are converted into grants for all types of transport: this may be a bicycle, a moped, a trail bike, a 4wd ambulance, a pickup, an outboard motor - it is the people on the ground who know what best suits their terrain. Some examples of vehicles/modes of transport we have provided and projects supported include:-


Project Code

Transport Provided

What for?

SM 2981:

Tata 207 Crew Cabin for the Franciscan Sisters of the Presentation of Mary, Palladam, Madurai, India Working with women in 36 villages in the areas of hygiene, non-formal education, micro-credit schemes & vocational training

SM 2896:

Aluminium Dinghy & 25 hp Engine for Nukunonu Catholic Mission, Tokelau Pastoral care for parishioners on this atoll in the Pacific Ocean

SM 2899:

Toyota Hilux for the Parish of Expectation, Huancasancos, Peruvian Andes Mobility for the Parish Priest responsible for a geographically large Parish covering 4 districts

SM 2919 - 2968:

Fifty bicycles for Catechists of St. Patrick's Parish, Madera, Uganda Pastoral care for parishioners in 50 outstations

SM 2969:

Toyota Hilux 4wd for St Agnes' Mission, Zambia HIV/AIDS home based care programme

SM 2975:

TVS Victor Motorcycle for Sacred Heart Church, Andhra Pradesh, India Pastoral care, health care programmes, literacy classes, saving schemes, group counselling

SM 2981:

Toyota Hilux 4wd for St Yoanna Maria Muzeeyi, Buyoga Health Centre, Kibinge, Uganda Community-based health care and education in 8 sub-stations, each about 40 km from the main Health Centre

SM 2989:

Mahindra Maxx 4wd for the Teresian Carmel Convent, Devarkulam, Tamil Nadu, India Health education and care, women's groups, community-based savings schemes in 18 villages

:UK Reg. Charity No. 268745:
:SURVIVE-MIVA: 5 Park Vale Road: Aintree: Liverpool: L9 2DG: UNITED KINGDOM :