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(Missionary Vehicle Association)

Providing Transport Grants for those who Share their Lives with the Poor

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welcome to survive miva

SURVIVE-MIVA is a Catholic lay Association. We exist to provide one vital element for the success of the Church's health and pastoral work in areas of great need - a means of transport.

What have you done recently?

During the calendar year 2015, SURVIVE-MIVA funded the purchase of 82 modes of transportation. Information about these projects and their distribution is summarised here . A booklet entitled 'Vehicle Grants 2015' will soon be available giving more detailed information about each vehicle and the outreach work the vehicle supports. In the meantime you can read our Vehicle Grants 2014 booklet and our Trustees' Report & Accounts for 2014 to learn more about our activities and financial position. Our 'Trustees' Report and Accounts for 2015' will be available online shortly after our AGM, which takes place, in 2016,  on 23rd June.

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